Person Centred Care

Course description


Person Centred Care


Level 2 & 3

Course Aims: 

This eLearning course aims to develop your understanding and ability to promote person centred care.

The course begins with an exploration of person centred approaches. You will explore the person centred values and how to work in a person centred way.  You will consider factors related to obtaining consent and how to promote the active participation of the individuals you care for and support. You will examine the rights an individual has to make decisions about all aspects of their lives including how the right of choice supports well being and sensible risk taking.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Know person centred approaches
  • Know how to work in a person centred way
  • Know how to establish consent
  • Know how to promote active participation
  • Know how to support the right of choice
  • Know how to support wellbeing
  • Know the role of risk assessment in enabling a person centred approach.