Here you’ll be able to find answers to questions or queries that you may have. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What is Careskills Academy?2019-06-24T15:11:44+01:00

Careskills Academy offers eLearning for mandatory and non-mandatory health and social care training, specially designed for care providers of all types. Our system comes with a simple-to-use Learning Management System with powerful reporting tools and is designed to reduce both your administration burden and training costs.

How do I set up an account?2019-06-24T15:12:28+01:00

Select the ‘Enquire Now’ button or call us to discuss your needs on 0203 397 9734. One of our account managers will guide you through the process. Once you’ve set up an account you have instant access to our complete suite of online care courses and our Learning Management System.

How does Careskills Academy work for employers?2019-06-24T15:13:16+01:00
  1. There are 2 options for organisations. The pay as you go option and the unlimited use subscription model. The pay as you go option means you buy credits and one credit enrols one learner onto one course. The unlimited use subscription model gives your learners unlimited access to our complete suite of online care courses for a single annual fee.
  2. Once you have chosen your preferred option you can then start using the Learning Management System to add staff and enrol them onto our wide selection of courses.
  3. Monitor staff progress with ease using the automatic training matrix which updates in real time as well as other useful tools.
  4. Print certificates once staff have completed their courses.
Are courses certificated?2019-06-24T15:13:44+01:00

Yes they are. Once a learner successfully completes a course you can download their certificate free of charge.

How do I know whether my staff have actually learned the material covered in the courses?2019-06-24T15:14:16+01:00

All our courses are high-quality and comprehensive and a true test of knowledge. There is a formal assessment at the end of each course with a pass mark of 80%. The formal assessment questions are randomised so you won’t get the same set of questions more than once. This ensures the learners can’t memorise answers.

How can I support struggling staff members?2019-06-24T15:14:46+01:00

If you have staff members who are struggling with their online learning then you can review their formal assessment answers using our analytics tool on the learning management system. This will help you identify the areas they are struggling and provide support.

Are your courses accredited?2019-06-24T15:15:18+01:00

Yes. All our courses are accredited through the CPD Certification Service and we are endorsed by Skills for Care. In fact, our Care Certificate is one of the first to be endorsed by Skills for Care.

What are your online courses like?2019-06-24T15:16:06+01:00

Courses are interactive, in-depth and comprehensive. Appeal to all learning styles and include voiceover and videos. They are designed to reinforce knowledge and are built in a way that makes it easy for the learner to apply what they’ve learnt in the workplace.

Do you cover the Care Certificate?2019-06-24T15:17:00+01:00

Yes we do. Our online Care Certificate is one of the first to be endorsed by Skills for Care.

Who is Careskills academy for?2019-06-24T15:19:34+01:00

Organisations working in the health and social care sector. Care Homes, Home Care Providers, Hospitals, Dentists, care agencies etc

We also now accommodate individuals looking to work in health and social care.

Will I have a dedicated account manager for my organisation?2019-06-24T15:21:03+01:00

Yes absolutely. Your account manager will guide you through setting up your account and getting you started. They will also be there for you every step of the way to throughout your Careskiils journey.

What is the Pay As You Go model?2019-06-24T15:22:43+01:00

The Pay As You Go model means you buy credits as and when you need to train your staff.

What is a credit?2019-06-24T15:23:38+01:00

You will need credits if you opt for the Pay As You Go model. A credit is what you ‘cash in’ when you enrol a learner onto a course. One credit enrols one learner onto one course.

Do I need to use up my credits within a certain period?2019-06-24T15:24:04+01:00

No you can use your credits as quickly or slowly as you like. The credits never expire.

How do I purchase credits as an organisation?2019-06-24T15:24:36+01:00

When you are logged into your account on the learning management system, you can purchase credits by selecting the ‘Shop’ tab and make your purchase there. You will need a debit/credit card to make payment using our secure payment system. Alternatively, you can purchase credits over the phone, or via bank transfer.

What is the unlimited use subscription model?2019-06-24T15:25:15+01:00

The unlimited use subscription model gives your staff unrestricted access to our complete suite of online care courses. You pay a single fixed fee per user per month or per year.

How is your online training actually delivered?2019-06-24T15:25:59+01:00

Our training is delivered online anywhere with an internet connection and runs on any device: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.

Do your courses meet regulatory compliance?2019-06-24T15:26:26+01:00

Yes, absolutely.

What is the automatic training matrix?2019-06-24T15:26:50+01:00

With one click you can produce an instant, accurate, colour-coded training matrix showing exactly which staff have completed which courses. If you have been used to manually creating and updating your training matrix then this feature will save you many hours of work.

Is it easy is it to use Careskills Academy online training?2019-06-24T15:27:26+01:00

Very, very easy!

Can you run reports to show when refresher training is due for each individual?2019-06-24T15:27:53+01:00

Yes, you can run a very quick and simple report showing which staff are due for which refresher training and when. This will save you many hours of work.

How much does it cost to use?2019-06-24T15:38:18+01:00

There are 2 pricing options available.

  • The unlimited use subscription model, which gives your staff unrestricted access to all our online care courses, costing from as little as 47p per person per month.
  • The Pay As You Go, model, costing from 99p per course depending on how many course-credits you buy. The more you buy the bigger the discount.
Why should I use Careskills Academy?2019-06-24T15:32:22+01:00

We have unique features which set us apart from our competitors. Read on to find out more…

  • Save many hours of work and drastically reduce your training administration effort. With one click you can produce an instant, accurate, colour-coded training matrix showing exactly which staff have completed which courses. No more manually updating the matrix yourself.
  • Reduce your training costs. eLearning is extremely cost-efficient and reduces the expense of classroom training, staff cover, travel and refreshments.
  • Courses are linked to Health and Social Care vocational qualifications.
  • Courses meet CQC best practice standards, helping ensure your organisation’s compliance.
  • eLearning is completely flexible and can be undertaken at a time, place and pace to suit each individual learner.
  • Evidence compliance quickly and easily.
  • Consistent, relevant training throughout your whole organisation.
Will your online courses alone be sufficient to be ensure we are compliant as an organisation?2019-06-24T15:32:09+01:00

The best way to ensure staff training compliance is to use a blended training approach. So your staff will complete the underpinning knowledge through our online courses and then carry out the practical elements through face to face training. For example, practical moving and handling and CPR.

How quickly can I start using Careskills Academy?2019-06-24T15:31:59+01:00

As soon as you have opened a Careskills Academy account by speaking to one of our account managers. Call now on 02033979734.

What time of the day can I access my online training?2019-06-24T15:31:42+01:00

Any time you like that suits you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. As long as you have an internet connection and a device. PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Can I only buy one type of course at a time?2019-06-24T15:31:31+01:00

No, you can buy as many or few credits as you like and then decide which of your staff to enrol on each course. This way you are not committing to purchasing specific courses in advance as you don’t always know what courses your staff will need ahead of time. Similarly, if you use or subscription model then you have unrestricted access to our entire suite of online courses.

Do you cover all mandatory health and social care training for care providers?2019-06-24T15:33:12+01:00

Yes, we do. We also offer additional specialist online care courses over and above the mandatory requirements. And we are always adding more courses.

Are your courses short versions?2019-06-24T15:33:32+01:00

No, our courses are full and comprehensive and are mapped directly to Health and Social Care vocational qualifications.

How long are courses accessible for?2019-06-24T15:33:56+01:00

Once a learner is enrolled on a course they have 12 months to start the course and then another 12 months to complete it.

What if I don’t have a debit or credit card to purchase my credits?2019-06-24T15:34:27+01:00

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a debit or credit card then you can call the office and one of our team can arrange an alternative payment method.

Do I pay for a completion certificate?2019-06-24T15:35:01+01:00

Once the learner has successfully completed the course you can download a free CPD accredited certificate in PDF format. The certificate will display the CPD logo as proof of knowledge and competencies learned as well our Skills for Care endorsement logo.