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Project Description

Care Certificate Induction: Learning Disability

Course List

Care Certificate Induction: Learning Disability

Course List

Level 2 & 3.

This course is CPD certified.

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Course Aims

Further to completion of the Care Certificate course, this course is designed to support health and social care workers, who are new to supporting individuals with a learning disability, with an introduction and understanding of Learning Disability and their responsibilities relating to this.

The course begins by defining Learning Disability. It then sets out how to support individuals with a learning disability by relating the theory of the relevant care certificate standards to working practice. For example, ‘equality and diversity’ defines hate crime and mate crime, ‘fluids and nutrition’ looks at the effects of associated syndromes on eating and drinking and ‘Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities’ examines Health Action Plans which are specific to the individual and provide guidance on how they can remain healthy.

In module 2, the final stage of the course, we look at scenarios and strategies that will strengthen the knowledge through examples of experience. The scenarios support each standard relevant to caring for individuals with a learning disability.

Guided Learning Hours: up to 30 minutes, dependent on learner’s skills and abilities.


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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course learners should know and understand the following:

  • What a ‘Learning Disability’ is

  • Their role supporting individuals with a Learning Disability

  • How to ensure equality and diversity

  • Working in a person-centred way

  • The importance of communication

  • How to enable privacy and dignity

  • The role of fluids and nutrition

  • How to support health and wellbeing

  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Course Syllabus Includes

  • Defining Learning Disability

  • Your role and promoting independence

  • Direct and Indirect Discrimination

  • Hate Crime

  • Mate Crime

  • Identity

  • Communication barriers

  • Improving Communication

  • Enabling privacy and dignity through active participation

  • Effects of additional health conditions on eating and drinking

  • Effects of additional health conditions on quality of life/life expectancy

  • 5 main causes of health issues

  • Health Action Plans

  • Risks of abuse, harm, and exploitation

  • Organisation abuse and closed cultures

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Yes, they are. Courses are CPD Certified and our Care Certificate is one of the first to be endorsed by Skills for Care.

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