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Infection Control Online Course

Course List

Infection Control Online Course

Course List

Level 2, 3 & 4

This course is CPD certified.

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Course Aims

All staff working in health and social care should be trained in Infection Control, to have an understanding of how infections can easily be transmitted and put people at risk.

Infection control is a mandatory training course for all staff that directly support vulnerable individuals and should be completed before supporting any individual in a professional capacity.

This training applies to all health and social care workers that work in settings such as Care Homes, Hospital Wards, Day Centres, or supporting an individual in their own home.

It is designed to give social care workers the underpinning knowledge and requirements needed when working in a professional setting and also includes information and resources for coronavirus: COVID-19.


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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course learners should know and understand the following:

  • Legislation, regulation and risk assessment for infection control.

  • The importance and carry out safe hand hygiene practices.

  • Each stage of the chain of infection.

  • The routes of transmission.

  • The steps for decontamination.

  • What measures can be taken in order to reduce the spread of infection.

  • The consequences of poor infection control.

  • The safe use of needles and sharps.

Course Syllabus Includes

  • Legislation and Regulations

  • Health and Safety

  • Risk Assessment

  • National Codes of Practice

  • Hand Hygiene

  • The Chain of Infection

  • Routes of Transmission

  • Decontamination

  • Dealing with Spillages

  • Waste Disposal

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Donning and Doffing PPE

  • Safe Procedures

  • Illnesses and Diseases

  • Coronavirus: COVID-19

  • Types of Infection

  • Spread of Infection

  • Outbreaks

  • Needles and Sharps

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How can I purchase courses?2019-09-26T15:09:02+01:00

If you are an organisation then simply get in touch and we can set you up with an account very quickly. Simply fill out the form below or call us on 020 3397 9734.

Are online courses accredited?2019-06-19T14:35:26+01:00

Yes, they are. Courses are CPD Certified and our Care Certificate is one of the first to be endorsed by Skills for Care.

How much do courses cost?2019-06-19T14:40:15+01:00

This will depend on which model you choose, our unlimited access subscription model starts from 47p per person per month. The Pay As You Go option starts from 99p per course depending on how many course credits you buy. Both options offer extremely good value for money. Not only that, we promise to beat any like for like quote from any other UK eLearning provider. Call now on 020 3397 9734.

How are courses going to be delivered?2019-06-19T14:40:04+01:00

Courses are delivered online and work on any internet enabled device. As long as you have access to an internet connection you can complete courses when and where you like 24 hours a day.

Are courses certified?2019-06-19T14:40:29+01:00

Courses are fully certified. Once a learner successfully completes a course you are able to download the completion certificate FREE of charge.

How long do courses take to complete?2019-06-19T14:40:23+01:00

Some of our shorter courses will typically take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Some of the bigger ones will take longer and depends largely on each individual’s learning speed.