Reviews - Social Care eLearning

We have been using Careskill Academy for over 18 months now and they are a pleasure to work with. A professional company with great customer service and a helpful team in their office should you require.

The system is quite easy to navigate and we have great feedback from our staff, including front line, administration and management. The online training matrix makes life easy when auditing, allowing us to keep track of our employees progress.

The Elearning provided is a great learning and development tool for our organisation offering good content. By using Careskills our organisation can use a blended approach, offering our staff both inhouse training and online courses making our systems more efficient and engaging. 

Altogether a great training provider – highly recommended!

Rick Parekh, Director, Bluebird Care (Stafford)

We have been working with Careskills Academy for the last 2 years to enhance our training offer to office and care worker teams. We have elected to provide a blended approach to learning; looking at carers needs and selecting from a range of teaching and learning methods: classroom, observation based training and on-line. Careskills Academy is our chosen on-line supplier.

We find the suite of training they offer works really well for our needs. The platform is very easy to use, the quality of the resource is appropriate for all learning styles and the checks for learning/understanding good. The platform allows for incorrect answers from candidates and offers rechecking opportunities to check for understanding so is less onerous on the individual and on the time spent by the Company to manage and complete . The Matrix is helpful in steering up-date training dates and I have found that training packages are added to regularly and/or amended in a timely fashion ensuring the validity of the training.

Jose has been my main contact over the last 2 years and the service levels he offers have been unparalleled. There is never a ‘problem’, Jose only works in solutions. I would highly recommend Careskills Academy’s products and service.

Michelle Johnson, Director, Bluebird Care (Lewes District, Brighton & Hove)

We feel the quality of the courses is exemplary. We have won new business on numerous occasions as our staff have been cited as “excellent” or “way above the quality of other agency staff”. This has to be partly credited to yourselves and your training programs.

Some of the work undertaken by my team involves one-to-one care, end of life support, and intensive roles in the community that stretch way beyond what would generally be expected by someone new to the business.

The system itself is overwhelmingly easy to use. I have a number of staff that do not speak English as a first language, and none have seemed to struggle with the training, and none failed to complete it. I’ve had a cursory go at it myself and reciprocate this ease of use.

It also saves time as people can still go out and live their life, and do the training on the bus, or whilst away from their homes. This seems to be preferred by many as 80% of my staff say they did it on their phones!

Although I am not aware of the costs (our finance team do all the ordering), I’ve been led to believe that the courses are affordable and we make our money back almost 100% of the time within a month or two of regular work.

My overall feeling towards the company is extremely positive. Your customer service is flawless, and every enquiry I have made has been dealt with very, very quickly and professionally. I cannot praise you enough.

“Care Skills Academy has helped turn nervous, inexperienced Temp workers into Senior Carers and Managers”

Nick Quarm, Senior Care Co-Ordinator, Beavers Recruitment (Professionals)

We have been with your company now for a long time. We have taken over 40 staff through your courses, 11 courses being our Theory Mandatory Induction Programme course and them some staff have gone through further courses dependent on their role within our company. I do have to congratulate your team on the tireless support they give us, always at the end of the phone and ready to help.

The feedback from our staff survey recently has shown that the staff very much enjoy the courses and it has definitely given many of our more mature staff, should, we say, more confidence in using a computer, and we felt this is because of how interactive your courses are.

When we have our quality monitoring from our local authority, there is always feedback on our training programme and we often discuss how Careskills Academy works. I actually put the Careskills Academy in a presentation I did for other providers, as they were interested in your courses and the ways in which it all works.

As an employer and a qualified teacher, teaching post 14 age groups, I am very keen on training and education in Health and Social Care and for many years I have struggled to find a training programme I felt I was confident enough with to take a little step back from completing the training myself or my management team completing every course we do but then, as you know, I found Careskills Academy and we have never looked back. We know that when a member of our team passes a course, we know they have passed at a mark of 80% or above, have taken an exam and we have been provided with a certificate to prove competency, this then assists us, as we then continue to prove consistency in our staff members practice.

I believe that something good should be rewarded and congratulated and this is what I feel I need to do with the Team at the Careskills Academy. Thank you!

Tracey Jackson, Director/Registered Manager, Able Care and Support Services

The quality of your courses are very good and very informative and our employees learn a lot from them and have put what they have learnt into practice. A good example of this is what they learnt from the pressure area care course. They have become aware of what they should be looking for and identifying problems which could affect the service users greatly if not noticed. This in turn ensures that our quality of care is enhanced by their knowledge and skills. All in all the courses are very informative and help with improving our care support.

The system is very easy to use and I have had not any problems that can not be sorted by you.  The courses are very cost effective and we find that they are very easy to pick up when you have spare time. From an employer point of view I find the matrix brilliant, it means I can keep an eye on all training done and keep the staff's knowledge and skills up to date. It also allows me to identify how well the employees are coping with different areas of training, if they are slow in learning then I can help them. Thank you and I will continue to use your system because it is good quality,easy to use and your support is great.

Doreen, Registered Manager, Rural Care North Devon

We were introduced to Careskills Academy last year and since then we have made significant improvements in how we organise and train our staff and how we record and monitor these activities.  At first we were a bit sceptical about using online training as we felt it would take away a lot of the 1-1 interaction between the Home Care Worker and the tutor, however, the courses are high quality, relevant and up to date in content and legality and our staff are finding them easy to use, even to the point of completing courses on their mobile phones while sat having a coffee, quite remarkable.  We have concentrated on delivering the Mandatory Courses however, we are getting more requests from our Carers to enrol them on to the more specialist subjects which they feel are supporting their work and other qualifications such as HSC Level 2, etc.  The Courses are also easy to manage and easy complete following a set pattern that very quickly becomes familiar.  We are now starting to use the supplied training matrix tools, and these are easily transferable to MS Office products such as Excel.  The courses are very cost effective and we have taken advantage of the bulk buy option, this is something we are looking to continue.  We have received excellent customer care and support from the CSA Team, this includes quick responses to any problems we encounter, which have been few.  I think this is an excellent product and something that will change our training needs as a company and I would recommend you try them. Thank you Careskills Academy.

Terry Hart, Office Manager, Twilight Years Ltd

Excellent Service!

I have been using Careskills Academy for online training for my staff since we got registered in 2014. Great quality of courses which have been beneficial for maintaining quality care. Feedback from staff is very positive as site is very easy to navigate. We have been inspected by CQC and rated good in all arears and I know it is partly due to the excellent online training for my staff. The mandatory training covers all essential and important training required for deliverying excellent care. We also find the Care Certificate very useful. Good value for money. Great customer service. Calls and emails are responded to in very timely manner. Jose and the rest of the team are professional all the times. 

Will recommend!!

Ms Rene May Joseph, Registered Manager/CEO, Luv To Care Ltd

We have had fantastic feedback from our staff regarding the quality of the courses.  In particular, we had a couple of members of staff who undertook the Autism course online with yourselves. They then had a one-day specialised training course for Autism and their feedback was that the online course was as good, if not better than the full one-day course. By using the online system, our staff have been able to catch up with their training at their own pace and sometimes in their own time. This has given them more ownership of their own training plan, ensuring we have a fully trained staff to deliver outstanding care and support to our Service Users.

As Admin of the site for our staff I find it really easy and clear to understand. I can navigate around the system well and pull together information as and when I need it. Our staff (who do not use IT on a regular basis) have found it easy to follow and use and this in turn has given them confidence is using electronic systems, which was an unexpected bonus. This has saved us countless hours. As an Adult Day Centre, with our priority being our Service Users, we struggled to allow staff time off from the floor for courses. The online system has allowed us to tailor the training for the various staff members who can then do their training at a time that suits them.  All training has a cost, and the key for us is ensuring we book courses in a larger number to allow for cost saving. Our contact with Careskills has been Jose.  He has always been readily available to discuss our requirements and we know we can rely on him to tailor a package specifically for us.  Thank you Jose and everyone at Careskills.


Susan Mitchell, Administration, Percy Hedley Community Support

I would like to take a moment to say thank you so much for your support. I am the Manager and Director of a 50 bedded nursing home and have 70 staff.  I have used external companies to provide in house training and it has been a very expensive and has had a financial weight on the company. I have researched many eLearning companies and done many trials. I wanted training that was beneficial, appropriate ,interactive and wanted evidence and proof of learning. I have been so impressed from the initial enquiry, the trial was realistic and excellent, I got exactly what I was promised. Support from yourself second to none and patient with me as I am not the most confident with anything new and especially technology. 

I am so pleased I made the right choice, the quality of the content of the courses are relevant and the lay out and interaction keeps the staff's attention continuously. The content is appropriate at all levels of staff. The staff's feedback has been so positive and have really enjoyed them so far. The staff have liked the idea of the test at the end and has also given healthy competition to get 100%.  First staff response was "BUZZING" "WHEN'S MY NEXT ONE COMING".  The staff love the idea that they can complete the training at home, and not forced to come to work, has been a big bonus. I really cannot fault it. You've done an amazing job.

It has audible facility which is so valuable as I do have staff that require assistance with learning. It has only taken me a couple of days to get everyone logged in and enrolled on their courses, it was so easy, I surprised myself. The support was brilliant, only had to phone once, probably didn't even have to do that - the downloadable Guide is so easy to follow.

Absolutely love the fact I keep a Track of Progress, my staff think I'm Big Brother, but that's really important to a Manager. The fact that I can keep an eye on 70 staff with one click. It's brilliant!!!

Quality for Money: I've saved thousands of pounds already and saved even more precious manager's hours, chasing staff, organising training, tearing my hair out when staff don't turn up. This has been such a breath of fresh air, making changes with staff can be a battle, but I actually think with the support of Careskills Academy I've just won the battle!!!

One very happy Manager - THANK YOU 

Jo Potter, Manager, Blackwell Care Centre

The quality of the courses provided by Careskills Academy are very thorough and informative. The staff have enjoyed completing them & the feedback I have had from staff is that they have learned more doing the courses with Careskills Academy than sitting in a room with a trainer. The staff like the idea that if they are unsure they can keep going back to previous questions until they have a full understanding. The system is very simple to use - log on and off you go. Doing the training this way and having the matrix has saved me a lot of time it is an excellent tool. The training is good value for money & easy to arrange. Customer service I have received from Careskills is excellent, nothing is ever too much, they are very helpful, polite and professional. Big Thank you to the Team.

Caroline Simms, Director, Safe Hands Support Services UK Ltd

As a medium sized company we were finding training our staff to the required standards becoming ridiculously expensive. I found this system simple to set up and monitor, my staff find it simple to use, some even do the courses on their smartphones. Another cost saving benefit to us is that we can tailor specific ‘extra’ training to staff having to deal with issues like pressure care, diabetes, epilepsy etc.. I’ve done most of the courses myself and, speaking as a qualified trainer, particularly like the variety of learning styles employed within each course. A minor glitch with an Apple update causing issues for Ipad users was resolved quickly and customer service kept me informed of progress and resolution. Cost effective and a customer support that genuinely asks if everything is ok every couple of months without trying to sell anything.

Would highly recommend Careskills Academy and we will definitely be buying further units.

Gary Haworth, Manager, Highfield Domiciliary Care Services

We are a small care home with 12 staff & we used to have a trainer come into the home to do all our training. This had a great impact on our financial resources. We signed up a year ago with Careskills to undertake our training with elearning, this has proved to be a great asset to our home. Staff can complete the training when it is suitable with them, the courses have all the relevant knowledge needed for our staff to be knowledgeable and competent to complete their roles and completing a test at the end of each unit shows that the individual has actually learned something from the course and retained the knowledge learnt. All staff have said all the courses are informative, easy to follow and are happy to undertake all their training using elearning through Careskills. The support I have been given from Jose has been invaluable in enabling myself to support the staff through completing the courses. We will always now be using Careskills for our training requirements for mandatory as well as additional training needs through their extensive range of courses available. 

Dawn Elliott, Registered Manager, Kensington Lodge

We have been using Careskills Academy online training for the past two years. The system itself is simple to use and new learners can be added easily and staff can log in and out of the system easily.

As a manager I am easily able to track our employees progress and due to the nature of the business staff are able to complete their training at their own pace whenever there is quiet periods during their shift. The course’s cover current legislation and best practice which enhances the staff knowledge and awareness of current issues. All courses are interactive showing staff various presentations which meets all learning styles.  

I would definitely recommend Careskills online training to other employers as the courses are value for money as they can be tailored to the specific areas of practice and staff do not need to leave the workplace which is necessary on other training. The staff at Careskills Academy are professional and are able to respond to any queries raised and are responsive to customers needs sending regular emails and courtesy calls. 

E Cook, Manager, Fullwood Care

Since using Careskills Academy I have found the system to work really effectively as an add-on to my current training system. The automatic training matrix makes displaying results a breeze, it allows me as administrator to keep checks on the progress of the staff, and this can be generated very quickly if needed for an inspection.

There is a fantastic selection of courses and the feedback from the staff who complete them is that they are engaging and interesting. Often online courses can be of little value, but Careskills Academy have got the balance right with enough participation from the learner to make the information relevant. This motivates staff and is shown through their increased confidence. I’ve even overheard some staff evaluating their courses afterwards, putting what they’ve learnt into practice. The courses are excellent value for money – got to be one of the most competitive on the market!

Customer service is second to none. I receive regular customer care calls which are non-pushy, friendly and polite. The staff are fantastic, especially Jose! Thanks for everything.

Reece Welch, Deputy Manager, Elizabeth Court Rest Home

This is the second year we have used Careskills Academy Courses and all feedback from staff has been very positive. The courses are informative and easy to access.

Allocating courses is quick and simple; it is also easy to monitor staff progress and results.

Customer service is excellent; very accommodating and quick to respond.

I would highly recommend this company.

Victoria Worcester, Director, Eden Brook Home Care Ltd

Careskills Academy courses are of a high standard and are up to date. They are suitable for the new staff in the health care sector but also for the experienced ones too. It covers most of the mandatory and optional topics in our organisation and I have received positive feedback from all our learners enrolled. It also helps our organisation to be training compliant and to support our new employees in completing the Care Certificates. So far about 200 of our new staff have completed the 15 online standards of the Care Certificate and the number is continuously increasing.

The way the courses are structured keeps the learners focused and make them to retain all the important information presented. However if a learner fails to score the minimum required (80%) he /she has the possibility to re-take the course and test with no re-enrolment and extra credits required.

Because the information is presented in a simple and practical way the learners will be able to retain and put this in practice. The courses can be completed at the learner’s pace and time available. They can pause it at any time and continue when possible so basically they can undertake the training at any convenient time and place, on any type of device.

It is a very good alternative for our blended approach to training- class based/online courses making our training system more efficient and cost effective.

Each service manager has an administrator account that allows them to monitor their staff progress, send reminder emails access the certificates, etc. The system is very user friendly and has a lot of “gadgets” and filters that makes it quite simple for the administrator to use.

The courses are good value for money and we have been always offered bonuses and discounts e.g. 20% before Christmas. Also more and more courses are added based on the customer`s training needs and any changes in the health care related legislation.

Careskills Academy staff have been very helpful, professional and supportive. Whatever problems we had they are dealt with within 24 hours or less.

Thank you!!!

Michael Cirdei, Assistant Training Manager, Allied Care Limited

Ashville House has used the services of Careskills Academy since May 2015. We regularly use a wide range of courses for approximately 60+ staff. The courses are good value for money, especially if bought in bulk, with a full and detailed content. All staff and management all use the online training. They find the overall Careskills experience very user friendly and the courses in depth and say they are able to apply their newly gained knowledge to their day to day tasks. Reviewing staff training needs is easy and user friendly and you are able to see at a glance at what stage each staff member is at for any particular course. The Careskills staff are always friendly and very helpful and always answer my queries promptly. I would certainly recommend Careskills Academy to anyone who wishes to support their staff with online training.

Jane Thorpe, Training Co-ordinator, Ashville House

We are currently using Care Skills Academy for our care certificate requirements within a care home setting. It has been very useful as staff can work through the modules at their own pace, they can either read the work themselves or can listen to the audio which has been vital in ensuring we cater for all of our staff. It has been really easy to sign up and get people started, the login process is really easy to follow and the modules are set out and you can see what you need to do next. The results matrix is a great tool to use to see staff's progress and achievements and it's really easy to print off the module certificates. The service is great, if you have any problems you just call them up and they are more than happy to help.

Claire Edwards, Regents Court

The training courses delivered by Careskills Academy has ensured that our care workers get the best opportunity to develop in the job that they love and has helped us as an organisation develop our staff through regularly updated learning and development. The e-learning courses are high quality and very cost effective and the beauty of them is that they can be used flexibly by our staff whilst ensuring that as an organisation we maintain a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce. The training matrix allows us as an organisation to make sure that every member of staff is up to date and that they also take on e-learning in extra subjects which is of interest to them. I have found the team at Careskills Academy to be extremely helpful when I have had any queries and they always take the time to pick up the phone to enquire as to how things are going.

Melanie McKnight, Person Centred Care

The training matrix they provide is updated automatically, so now I just log in from time to time and I can instantly see where we are with training. This saved me loads of time and effort.

Amanda Wilson, Care Manager, The Limes Care Home

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by CareSkills Academy has been highly impressive. Excellent customer service and a cost effective method of training with full recording and reporting functionality. The training course has been well received by the people using the course and has met our expectations regarding quality and content. 

Michelle Harwood, Home Manager, Kingsley Health Care

Concise and informative courses which gave me the knowledge to approach my new role with confidence.

Susan Howe, Student, Manor Farm Home Care

Fantastic training, easy to use, quick, simple and refreshing! The customer service is also excellent and nothing is too much trouble. We are delighted with Careskills Academy and I wouldn't hesitate recommending this company to anyone.

Rachel Wallace, Country Care Nafferton Ltd

Right from the start, working with Care Skills Academy has been a fantastic experience, they took the time to understand our needs and worked non-stop to deliver an excellent product. We have our mandatory e-learning courses and now they will provide us with The Care certificate.

The support we receive is outstanding, we will continue to work with Care Skills Academy which is improving our user experience immensely.

Trish Cox, IT Learning Solutions Coordinator, Brandon Trust

We have used several alternative providers in the past, but now use Careskills for all of our training. The system is easy to use, the course content is good and the staff are always helpful and the price is brilliant.

Chris Stamp, Altonian Care

We have been using Care Skills Academy for around a year now. It is an easy to use system were all managers can view the training Matrix for their home, and monitor their staff progress, while also being able to download certificates straight from the site. You can also export the data and see statistics of each home. The quality of the courses are excellent, and they are great value for money compared to other training providers. The staff at CSA are also very helpful.

Charlie Bicknell, Chatsworth Care

The feedback I have received from my staff who have undertaken various training sessions has been very positive. A number of my staff have used alternative providers in the past and all have reported Careskills Academy to be superior. The content of the modules is very up to date and professionally delivered. I think staff appreciated being able to start a module and then take a break to complete it later.The customer service has been exceptional. I have called on numerous occasions with queries and they have always been helpful. I will continue to use this provider for a long time to come.

Peter Stillings, Cascade East Anglia

After some extensive research into online training providers we trialled two courses with Careskills Academy. The content appeared to be in-depth and up to date. We have used this to cover mandatory units and also as part of our Care Certificate implementation. The feedback from staff has been positive and the support offered from the company has been excellent. The system is easy to use and tracking results is time efficient for our admin.

Paul Tait, Positive Support in Tees CIC

We have found in the past that using online training is not always as effective as in house training however, we use Careskills Academy for our new staff to undertake mandatory training and have found it to be very effective. Staff are able to go at their own pace and ensure they are taking in all the information. The test at the end of each training ensures that staff have understood what they have been taught. The training is very simple to access for those who have minimal ICT skills. A number of our staff have undertaken the Care Certificate which is also available through Careskills Academy and have staff that have completed other training that are of interest to them, such as autism and mental health.

Careskills Academy have been very helpful in assisting us with our training requirements.

Natalie Saunders, Sunnyside House

I have used Careskills Academy for over six months and found it very effective for my staff team of over 90 employees. I am able to track their progress on a daily basis which is a great feature. The Careskills team are very approachable and answer any query or question very efficiently. What a great service!

Janet Lawrence, Essential Care and Support

We have found this training system very helpful, it is convenient and saves the company money and time. Training for 25-30 staff is a huge task! Careskills Academy helps you get on top of staff training, allowing you to track how well staff are doing and helps us identify areas they need help with.

Camilla Russell, Tender Care Services

Fantastic training, easy to use, quick, simple and refreshing!

Positive feedback from staff has been equally as refreshing and we now have enthusiastic learners!

Staff have found that doing training at their own pace much easier to fit in with busy home and work lifestyles.

The specialist training is usually expensive so this is a much more cost effective way to obtain and enhance staff's personal development.

The customer service is also excellent and nothing is too much trouble!!

All in all we are delighted with Careskills Academy and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this company to anyone!

Rachel Wallas, Country Care Nafferton Ltd

We started with Careskills Academy firstly on a trial basis, however we found their courses to be enjoyable whilst giving our employees the correct level of training to support our Customers. Since then we have become a regular customer of Careskills and use them for all our online training. The amount of courses have continued to grow and they now provide courses in all of our key areas so we can use one provider for all of our online training needs. The website is easy to use with all staff finding the courses both accessible and engaging. As the training administrator I also find the system easy to use from my perspective, for instance when checking training completion. Its making my job quicker and easier and therefore I am more productive within my role. The one to one support you receive from your Account Manager is brilliant, I have never known such helpful and efficient staff. Careskills really has helped us to keep on top of our training in an enjoyable and efficient way.

Bridget Healy, Heart of England Mencap

We have been using the Careskills website now since September 2014 and after looking into other companies that offered the Care Certificate and other courses for our Care staff felt this was the easiest, clear and concise system.

The system is very user friendly and can be used visually or by audio enabling the carer to choose how they learn most effectively.

I have always found when ringing with a query that the team are very friendly and helpful, also giving good advice with using the website to maximise the learning for our staff.

Debbie Turvey, First Choice Home Care Ltd

Very useful service, I have used it quite a lot since I have been in touch with the Account Manager. Very easy to use, easy to buy credit. Fantastic service. Useful people on the telephone number. If I am struggling I just call.

Charlotte Shirley, Oulton Abbey Care Home

We have recently moved a large percentage of our training requirements across to Careskills Academy and are very happy with our decision to do so. In particular and to date, we have been focusing on the Care Certificate material and all active students are very happy with the style of training and the level of difficulty etc.

In the coming weeks, we will be transitioning our remaining training requirements across to Careskills Academy and have every confidence that we will be equally satisfied with our decision to do so.

As Training Co-ordinator, I find the 'Administrator' functions and views excellent.

Finally, in addition to the system and training material, the support available on the phone cannot be faulted, always very helpful and very responsive to issues and questions.

Rachael Read, Care 77

Careskills Academy offers a range of excellent training courses which are quick and easy to use for both the staff and myself. The training matrix is very clear and easy to understand making it very simple to see where everyone is in their training. The support we receive is excellent, it is very cost effective and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Careskills for anyone looking for a new training provider.

Helene Cox, The Old Rectory

I am the Manager of a 24 bedded nursing home. Have recently started using Careskills Academy for all of our staff e-learning training. Would highly recommend this system & company, as it is easy to use and follow, makes the training process a lot easier for management, admin and staff. We have always found the advisors more than happy to help with any enquiry. Thank You

Anna Morgan, St Margaret's Nursing Home

The courses we utilise for our carers provided by Care Skills Academy are excellent, well received and good value for money. They complement our delivery of in house training for our staff. The system is very easy to use and most of our carers access it with no issues at all. Since we started using Careskills Academy last year (2015) we have developed a close working relationship with all CSA staff and always receive high quality service. When very occasionally issues occur resolution is swift and professionally delivered. We look forward to continuing working with Careskills Academy.

Trevor Gentry, In Home Care

I am the training administrator with around 70 care workers.

We started using Careskills about a year ago. The quality of the course content is superb. Much better than the online courses I have come across before.

The training matrix they provide is updated automatically, so now I just log in from time to time and can instantly see where we are with training. I can also generate spreadsheets with information for my compliance reporting & certificates instantly once the courses are done. It has saved me loads of time and effort. That allows me to concentrate on the quality of care we provide.

Amanda Thompson, Caremark Norwich

Having used the careskills academy, I find that our carers work well with the courses and enjoy completing them. They find the courses informative and very interactive. The carers mentioned that they enjoy the course and ask if there are any more they can do. Very useful for upkeeping the training and takes a lot of emphasis on the training.

Jacqueline Armstrong, Ace Homecare

Courses are excellent, straightforward to use, no ‘waffle’.  Students gain a good and thorough knowledge relating to each unit.

All staff appear to have learned and retained good knowledge from each course they have undertaken. I carry out supervisions with staff and quiz them on elements of the courses they have undertaken, everyone can answer my questions.

The ease of use of the system:  Very easy.  Even staff that are not computer literate have been able to use the system, with just a little help from myself initially.

The training matrix is fantastic – I can keep track of all learners in one glance.

Brilliant value for money.

Absolutely fantastic customer service – I phone up sometimes  and the staff always point me in the right direction and know exactly what they are talking about.  One thing I do particularly like is that the phone is always answered and I can actually talk to a ‘human’ immediately.

All staff have said how they have found the Care Certificate very useful.

Joanne Baulch, Training Co-ordinator, Stanfield Nursing Home

We have used Careskills Academy for The Care Certificate and Medication training. This is a very easy site to train from. Carers can login to their accounts either in the office or at home. Training is set out clearly and straightforward. Instructions easy to follow. Very pleased we are using them for our training.

Shirley Whatman, Blue Sapphire Care Ltd

I have found using Careskills to be very beneficial for the company and myself. I have specifically enjoyed using the specialist courses such as the Mental Health awareness, I enjoyed the small activities the course allowed me to engage with and test my knowledge. The staff team have all completed the new care certificate which look at the 15 aspects of care, they informed me that that they all enjoyed the courses and liked that they could participate in the courses in their own time and at their own pace. Careskills gives people the knowledge needed in order to be competent within their job role, it is very user friendly and very cheap to use, I would highly recommend Careskills :)

Nadine Hansen, Living for Life Cumbria Ltd

Our company have Careskills Academy as the main provider of training due to the quality of the courses, the flexibility and range of the online courses on offer, excellent customer service with staff at Careskills who understand our needs and help us deliver to ensure our staff are not only competent but confident in their roles within Social Health Care. The courses offer excellent value for money and are very user friendly. Having a named person to contact at Careskills is very useful. We receive many unsolicited calls on a daily basis offering subsidised training etc but due to knowing Careskills deliver what we need has meant we are able to not consider any other provider which in itself can save valuable management time. The staff love the flexibility of being able to complete the training online either at work or at home.

John Butterfield, Miltoun House Group

We use Careskills Academy for the gaps in our training matrix as we already use a comprehensive in-house training provider. Careskills Academy is very useful for this, as it would also be if you needed to cover all of your mandatory, and specialist, training requirements. Careskills also allows us to enable staff with alternative learning needs and who may respond better to an e-learning course as opposed to face-to-face or written exercises. Our experiences of the e-learning material are far superior to that of similar websites who also offer e-learning. Careskills Academy also, in my opinion, offer the best and most useful, user-friendly and cost-effective resources for the Care Certificate. The manager's paperwork is really straightforward and simplifies the whole process of certification.

Reece Welch, Elizabeth Court Rest Home

Our care provider is very pleased with the excellent customer service provided by Careskills Academy. The courteous and prompt attention to detail and communication demonstrated by the trainer and the team at CSA is second to none. The flexibility that the training platform offers meets all the various and changing demands our agency needs as a leading provider of quality adult care in West Sussex. The on-line learning environment supports and promotes the values we aspire to as an employer of choice in the adult care sector. Employees find the material easy to use, informative and educational. The ability to extend learning and knowledge is key to staff and service quality development. Our care agency is happy to recommend Careskills Academy as a leading provider of training materials in this sector.

David Barber, Arun Care Ltd

Elearning is a marvelous solution to meet our training requirements. The courses available through care skills academy are very informative and cover every topic to ensure that our staff gain the necessary knowledge in line with current regulations.
The courses require staff to participate throughout the training, ensuring that they are paying attention, something which you can not always achieve even in the classroom!

Teresa Harvey, Nightowls Home Care Ltd

We have used Careskills Academy for several months. Initially I was looking to just purchase training for 1 or 2 courses but have now moved all the homes training to their site. Having completed several of the courses myself I found the content to be of an excellent standard. I found the website very easy to use. It’s clearly laid out with a short video that you can refer to for help should you forget anything. All the mandatory training courses we require are available, along with many additional ones in important areas of care. The courses are made interesting and informative.

It’s easy to enrol staff, keep track of their progress, view their results and download certificates. Our staff are able to complete their training at a convenient time for them, to fit in with their lives, either at work or at home. On the occasions I have needed to contact the company on the phone, I have always found them to be extremely helpful.

Nina Clegg, Half Acre House

Good feedback on courses - staff comment on the information being clear, manageable and easy to understand. Staff can recall back on what they have learnt, good knowledge of the course contents. The only problems is when staff cant logon (only because it is either their computer or they don’t know what they are doing). The Matrix provides me and the managers with good information. It's excellent value for money. Great customer service. The only problem I have is that the certificates have to be printed off manually and this is very time consuming for me.

Zoe Millar, St.Anne's Community Services

We have been using Careskills Academy for almost a year now, all of my employees have completed the Care Certificate and informed me about how easy it is to use and how much information they have learnt. There are lots of interesting and great courses to choose from - the customer service is also very good. I highly recommend people to work with Careskills Academy.

Zaineb Field, Fields Care

We have been using Careskills for about six months. The mandatory training is great as I am able to track progress and can send reminders if necessary; We have had a lot of positive feedback from these. However I felt that the care certificate could be better. Having to do the work online and then do the written is a big ask, it would be better if it could be combined so it was all online. It could all be then downloaded so that it can be put into the portfolio.

Sarah Pollard, Shepshed Carers Ltd

I find the Careskills Academy courses used to train our staff very informative and helpful they have learnt a lot as they are very factual. The carers have all expressed how useful the courses have been.

Amanda Cradduck, Care Promise Ltd

We have been using Careskills for around 6 months, they system is very easy to use and navigate around. We like that we are able to track the progress of the courses allocated to staff.

We use Careskills for all our mandatory training and the care certificate, the feedback we have received from staff is that the courses are very in-depth and up to date. Staff are able to do the training when it suits them, e.g. around family life.

We have found the system support very good.

We would highly recommend Careskills.

Sharon Draper, Aims Care Partnership

As a care provider, we have seen the impact of the courses on the service delivery. Our care workers reported that behaviour that challenge course has helped them to deal with issues that they come across when dealing with clients that display behaviours that challenge. The feedback that we received from our care workers is proof that quality of the course is excellent. Our care workers have stated that they have to read and write down before they can pass the course. The system is easy to use for both administrator and Care workers. The Matrix to prompt when the refresher is due and it serves its purpose. We find that the courses are cost effective based on the standard of each course. Jose has good customer service. The service that we received from him is excellent and we have built a good working relationship. 

Ola Adewusi, Registered Manager, Nema Home care

Good course content and self-explanatory to use. Staff feedback is that they would still prefer more face to face training. However, they still do have some practical training, medication and moving and handling. Although they have enjoyed the mandatory units.

Easy to use system and if you don’t know how to do something you can usually work it out quite easily. The training matrix is an excellent idea and saves me an awful lot of time. Good customer service. My calls are always returned promptly and you are always happy to help.

Deborah Davey, Business Development Manager, Amphion View Ltd

Here is some feedback on Careskills Academy: The quality of the courses are good; Feedback from staff stating they are learning more from the course online rather than going on a day course; It is easy to get on to the courses; It is very good at saving time and the matrix is done for you hence good if CQC come in to the home; It is good value for money as you do not have to pay agency to cover staff who have to go on in house training; As a train the trainer I personally find the courses to have great amount of knowledge in them; Also when doing in house training many of the staff take no notice; A very good learning provider.

Pat Hunter, Manager, Tall Oaks Downing Care

I believe that the courses are high quality, very informative. Careskills is very easy to use and I am able to train my staff quicker. I believe this will increase the quality of care. Very simple to use, which is good because it means my staff are able to also take courses without being confused with the system. The training matrix is helpful, I can track what my staff have completed. Indeed, a great service with good customer service.

Saima, Throwleigh Lodge Care Home, Allied Care

My name is Enrico Delgaudio, and I am the training manager for Genus Care Ltd. The courses provided by Careskills Academy are of high-quality, they are in depth and offer a wide range of core subjects. Since using Careskills Academy I have found that the staff are receiving a consistent training package, all staff complete the same courses, by testing at the end of the course it ensures that all staff have understood the topic.

It is a very simple system for both the staff and for me as administrator, I can very quickly enroll somebody and they can start the course very quickly. As the training manager I can see where each of the staff is on their courses at any time by just logging in. We have found that this is a very good use of our resources in both time and money. Any time there has been an issue Careskills Academy are only a phone call away, any problems I have had have been sorted out very quickly. I also receive regular phone calls to ensure that our needs are being met.

Enrico Delgaudio, Training Manager, Genus Care Ltd

Brilliant courses that are Clinical Skills Accredited.  We have always had very helpful staff on the other end of the phone.  Would highly recommend as a way of meeting CQC obligations.

Percy Mhishi, Director, Better Home Care

I have been a manager at Carers R Us for 11 years and over the years we have used many e-learning courses, Careskills do seem to be the better quality of course. My staff seem to have benefited from the courses and even I learned a few things I did not know. The system is so easy to use for admin and for the care staff. The training matrix is very good, and quick and easy to use. Very good prices and care certificate is amazing value for money. Very good customer service everyone always returns my calls and deals with everything straight away.  

Mrs Lisa Newman, Manager, Carers R Us (Bristol) Limited

Your courses have been valuable to the learning and development of my staff team here at Blueberry Transitional Care. The courses have enabled them to work effectively with the complex residents that they support on a daily basis. We have never had issues with the system and all staff have been very complimentary regarding its use. I for one am very happy with the results matrix as it makes my life tracking lapsed courses very simple.

Luke O’Connor, Registered Manager, Blueberry Transitional Care

All the staff enjoy all the courses and are using the knowledge everyday within their roles. The ease of use of the system is great very user friendly. Time saving qualities of the training matrix is superb and makes it clear if updates are needed. It is great Value for money. Customer service we receive is fantastic. Always happy to help and assist with all my questions and call me back if I have to leave a voicemail.

Hayley, Owner, Home Care That Matters Ltd

The quality of the courses that Careskills provide are very good, we have received positive feedback from staff on how enjoyable and informative the courses actually are. The system is user friendly with the matrix enabling you to save time. The customer service team are friendly and knowledgeable with nothing being too much trouble. Overall extremely pleased with Careskills Academy.

Sharon White, Operations Manager, Qualia Care

We have used your Training Services since we opened our doors in October 2016. We have been very satisfied with the level of Service received in addition to the quality of the Courses however we predominantly make use of the Care Certificate eLearning material more often. Staff are very friendly and are at the end of the telephone to deal with any enquiries promptly. The system is very easy to use and to navigate around , equally enrolling learners to relevant courses is very simple. At a glance we are able to establish Training results and to print certificates accordingly. In my opinion Careskills Academy have a good all round eLearning training system vital for any Care Provider.

Tracy Jackson, Registered Manage, Bluebird Care (Walsall)