Multiple Sclerosis

Course description


Multiple Sclerosis


Level 2 & 3

Course Aims: 

This course aims to increase your knowledge and understanding about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how to support and care for an individual who has this condition.   

The course begins by explaining what MS is, its prevalence, who is affected, and the different types and diagnoses of MS.

In stage two, you will learn how MS is diagnosed, the treatment and support available for the individual and the roles of the different professionals in the multidisciplinary team.  

In the final stage, you will learn about the common symptoms of MS, how these symptoms can affect an individual and what can be done to support with the management of these symptoms.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Know what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is
  • Know the types of MS
  • Know common symptoms of MS
  • Know how MS is diagnosed
  • Understand how MS is treated
  • Know how you can support an individual with MS.