Motor Neurone Disease

Course description


Motor Neurone Disease


Level 2 & 3

Course Aims: 

This course aims to increase your knowledge and understanding about Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and how to support and care for an individual who has this life-shortening disease. 

The course begins by explaining what MND is, its prevalence, who is affected, and the different types and diagnoses of MND.

In stage two, you will learn about the possible causes of MND, and symptoms that individuals with the disease commonly experience, at the initial, advanced and end stages of the disease.  

In stage three, you will learn about support and treatment in MND. This includes how MND is diagnosed, the roles of different professionals in the multidisciplinary team and treatment and help that is available. You will also learn what you can do to support an individual with some of the common symptoms of MND, including support with swallowing, communication, breathing, moving and positioning. The final stage helps you to understand the importance of end of life care, and how to respond to an individual who wishes to discuss their end of life plans.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • To know what MND is
  • To know who is affected by MND
  • To understand how MND is diagnosed
  • To know the different types of MND
  • To know what causes MND
  • To know the symptoms of MND
  • To understand what treatment and help is available
  • To know how you can support an individual with MND.