Managing Continence

Course description


Managing Continence


Level 2

Course Aims: 

This eLearning course aims to introduce you to the topic of managing continence in Health and Social Care.

It begins by describing the different types of incontinence, the common causes of incontinence and the effect that problems with continence can have on an individual. The course then describes the importance of encouraging an individual to express their preferences about their continence needs and describes ways that lifestyle can affect continence. The course also outlines the roles of different professionals in helping to manage continence.

The learner will then be introduced to the different types of continence equipment available, and learn how to support their use. In the final stage the individual will learn how to help an individual manage continence safely. This includes considerations of risks that may arise, personal hygiene, disposal of waste, the importance of a clean and tidy environment and the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

• Identify factors that affect continence;
• Outline how to support an individual to manage their own continence;
• Describe how to support an individual to use continence equipment;
• Identify risks when managing continence and outline how to manage continence in a safe way.