Lone Working

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Lone Working


Level 2


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Course Aims: 

This eLearning course aims to introduce you to the topic of Lone Working in Health and Social Care.

It begins by explaining what is meant by the term ‘Lone Working’ and identifies job roles where staff are classified as lone workers. The course then outlines legal requirements of the employer and the employee in relation to lone working and describes the importance of assessing the risks specific to the lone worker. The course then explains how to assess risks in the different environments, including the use of ‘formal’ risk assessments and ‘dynamic’ risk assessments.

In the next stage of the course, safety measures for different job roles are identified, including tips for keeping oneself safe in different situations including travel, working in people’s homes and working alone in a building. The course also gives information on dealing with aggression and outlines systems that can be put into place to help reduce the risks.

In the final stage, the course explains the importance of aftercare following an incident and describes what a worker should expect if they experience an incident whilst lone working.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Identify what is meant by ‘Lone Working’;
  • Outline Legal requirements of the employer and employee in relation to lone working; 
  • Know how to assess the risks related to lone working in your own work environment; 
  • Recall safety measures that can be put into place in order to protect your personal safety at work; 
  • Know the importance of aftercare following lone working incidents.

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