Catheter Care

Course description


Catheter Care


Level 2 & 3

Course Aims: 

This eLearning course aims to raise your awareness and develop your understanding of Catheter Care.

The course begins with a simple explanation of the urinary system and considers the reasons why catheterisation may be required.  You will explore the types of catheters; indwelling, intermittent and external and the equipment that may be used by individuals who have a catheter. You will explore the risks associated with catheterisation and how these are managed. The course concludes with how to solve common problems and empty and change a catheter drainage bag.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Know what a urinary catheter is
  • Know the types of urinary catheter
  • Know the reasons for catheterisation
  • Know the benefits of catheterisation
  • Know the equipment used for catheterisation
  • Know the risks associated with catheterisation and how they are managed
  • Know how to solve common problems
  • Know how to empty and change a urinary drainage bag.


PLEASE NOTE!  This course aims to raise knowledge and understanding of catheter care. It does not qualify you to undertake catheterisation.