The Care Certificate was introduced in 2015 to ensure that all social care and healthcare workers have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support.

Skills for Care have now contextualised some of the standards, to different working situations or services to help new workers, or those working in a particular area of care, to apply more specific knowledge to their role.

The Care Certificate has been contextualised into six areas, and Careskills Academy are delighted to announce the release of 6 short inductions that map to these new contextualised standards.

  1. Induction to Dementia
  2. Induction to Autism
  3. Induction to End of Life Care
  4. Induction to Learning Disability
  5. Induction to Lone Working
  6. Induction to Mental Health

These new standards do not replace the Care Certificate but are an extension to the learning pathway for staff that work in these specific areas. Therefore the Care Certificate should be completed prior to undertaking any of these inductions.

We have designed them to include strategies and scenarios that make work realistic and give learners an insight to real situations that they may face at work.


The duration of each induction is up to 30 mins Guided Learning.

Learning Pathway

Example of training for those working in a service that supports individuals with dementia:

Care Certificate > Induction to Dementia > Dementia Awareness

Learners that work across more than one of the contextualised areas can, of course, complete more than one of the inductions.

For instance, a learner that works in a learning disability service may support individuals that have autism or early onset dementia. Individuals could also have mental health issues and the learner may also lone work. It is also a sad fact that vulnerable individuals in the service may also be facing end of life. Therefore it may be pertinent for a learner to complete all 6 short inductions, to help with the many aspects of their work.

By producing 6 separate short inductions, Careskills are enabling you to tailor training exactly to the learning needs of the service that you provide, in compliance with the new contextualised standards produced by Skills for Care.

We also provide full training courses in all the contextualised subjects that are a natural follow on and further development for all your staff.

As your Centre of Excellence for training Careskills strive to continually give learners the best experience by educating them to do their job safely and provide the highest quality of care and support, in your service.