The countdown begins……..On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force across Europe. This affects the rights that an individual has about how their personal information is used and processed.

What will change under the General Data Protection Regulation? 

The Regulation updates and modernises the current data Protection Law. It focuses on:

Careskills Academy is one of the only eLearning providers in the UK to be endorsed through the Skills for Care eLearning framework.

Being a care provider ourselves, we are passionate about delivering high quality care and believe high quality care starts with high quality training.


With e-learning from Careskills Academy you can say goodbye to manually creating and updating your training matrix.

Generate an up to date colour coded matrix in just 1 click!

High quality care starts with high quality training.
BUT (as we all know) ….  staff compliance training can be
expensive and time consuming.
Careskills Academy will help you meet your staff CQC compliance training requirements AND save you time, money and hassle.
We provide a full range of SKILLS FOR CARE
ACCREDITED social care eLearning from as little as £1.49 per person.

We are proud to announce that our Care Certificate is fully endorsed by Skills for Care.

Whilst the Care Certificate is mandatory for care workers new to care, it's a cost that can be reduced.
The Care Certificate is available from just £20 per person from Careskills Academy.

With care providers facing increasing regulation and decreasing margins, efficiency is the name of the game if operators want to thrive.

If you usually choose classroom-based training, the efficiencies you can gain by using online compliance training from Careskills Academy might surprise you.

Is managing your staff training causing you a nagging frustration? Are you struggling to get your team in a training room and cover your shifts? Spending too much time on training administration? This may be the answer!

Our Care Certificate is one of the first to be endorsed by Skills for Care, demonstrating excellent quality and value for money.

Did you read about the recent tragic fire at a Stevenage care home that led to a resident’s death?
A sad story, but one that highlights the need for proper Fire Safety training.

It’s vital for all staff to be trained in the basics of fire safety, so they know how to prevent fires - and what to do if one does break out.